Post statuses like in WhatsApp

Discapacidad cinco

In WhatsApp there is a function that allows you to publish statuses in text, photos and video of up to 30 seconds that can be accompanied with emoticons and texts incorporated in the video in the photo, they disappear or rather are deleted after 24 hours.

I am aware that to implement this function you need to implement the individual contacts function and I need a job from the matrix but I think that you as developers can contribute to the matrix platform so that this looks faster

I am also aware that many people fear their privacy the fact of sharing their contact list but it could be an option that is an alternative that Shares the one they want and the one they do not want and that the person can individually upload the contacts that you want to have in the application or you can relate the contacts by means of email and not by phone number so there is no direct invasion of privacy each one decides whether or not to share or decide which contact to share in this way we can achieve a balance.